Sharn: The Last City

Yarkuun Draal, the mysterious ruin. Article by Alain Falko

Yarkuun Draal

It is interesting that so close to the great metropolis of Sharn, lies a Dhakaani ruin that we know so little about. It could be that its mundane location has caused it to be viewed as unimportant by other archeologists, adventurers, and historians who prefered travelling to more exotic locations. But after venturing to these nearby ruins i believe they hold secrets that have yet to be uncovered.

Alain Falkos Expedition viewing the Central Structure of Yarkuun Draal

It is certainly true that there is little of interest to be found on the surface of the ruins. Thet have been picked clean by looters over many generations, and dense jungle now covers their surface. The ruins themselves are also extremely durable, no doubt a result of the Dhakaani building techniques used in their construction. All these factors makes it hard to find anything of historical value there. But my research into the Dhakaani language, and interpreting their peculiar maps has led my to think that there are great treasures lying in wait below the surface.

Map of Yarkuun Draal by Alain Falko

This ancient map shows what could very well be a network of tunnels below the city. I do not know what purpose these tunnels might, it could perhaps be nothing more than a sewer system, but even so it could provide access to the interior of the ruins. I have also identified what is one of the entrances to the tunnels, below the Northern Watchtower, bearing the ritualised depiction of the face of the Goblin Warlord Krootad.

Great Warlord Krootad, statue from Darguun

Unfortunately, a swarm of giant spiders had also made their nest in the tower, and my local guides were quite unwilling to try to clear them out, even at the promise of triple pay. I plan to bring seasoned adventurers on next years expedition, provided my grant from Morgrave continues.


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