Sharn: The Last City

Session 27

Naming equals death

The next day.
Nim takes a walk up to Upper Dura, Hope’s Peak to speak to the Priests of Dol Dorn, Nim was asked to say a few words at the next service, but reorienting the discussion onto the issue with the Wraith/Evil Spirit that is haunting us. The Head Priest notes that while this is not his area of expertise, but that the Head Librarian of Aureon, she might be able to help them.

Nim is describing the Wraith, cloaked in black smoke, glowing eyes. They’re trying to divine the goals and motivation of the Wraith. They are vulnerable to Silver, and that’s about it. Very powerful Wraiths are capable to making Spectres, weaker versions of itself, they can control up to 7.

Carter has been moving around people, and started to bring down the rickity buildings, and started to build proper lodgings. Approximately 4 days to finish the current planned buildings.

Everbright in Menthis, going through a lot of publishers

Day 3 – The First of Larvion
Jadrir shows up at the front door, Joseth ir’Kalein wants to talk to us at the Ir’Kalein Gala. Gave Jadrir a draft of the Complete book on the Planes

At the end of Day 3, the silver swords have been crafted, the magic circle has been prepared, and we are ready. Then as the night goes on, we hear a lound thunk from inside the tower, Nim rushing in to see the wraith hovering over the Blacksmith, blood dripping from his head. And at this moment, 5 Spectres come out of the buildings outside, floating towards Tham.


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