Sharn: The Last City

Session 26

Men at Work

Searched through the whole apartment in Upper Menthis, but not finding anything more than the notes and the map.

Invited to the ir’Tain gala in two weeks, Margot Decker pulled some favours to get us invited. And she’ll be there as well. Tham started looking into the Library on the Shard of Xoriat

Some workers who had gotten fired from the Cannith factory, an architech, 2 carpenters and a magewright, and Carter hired them,

Xoriat is not quite like other planes, manifest zones are not natural, but created. Xoriat stones are capable of creating aberrations and twisting humanoids. Theory that madness manifested from Xoriat, if you have enough mad people close to each other, they could create a Manifest Zone to Xoriat. After reading this Tham is feeling like his brain is not quite fitting inside his skull, so he goes to meditate for 4 hours.

Thams longterm plans:
Finish book on the planes, get it published and an advance
Deliver report to the Aereni Embassy
Buy Valenar clothes at Shae Lias

Carter longterm plans:
Start reinforcing and rebuilding buildings close to Thelanis Tower

Nim longterm plans:
Eat magical brownies

Another murder in the night, Nim hearing a loud noise, then finding a body, the blood still flowing, yet the corpse being cold. He warns the guards about this, and they start investigating. Nim talks to Tham about this over breakfast the next day, and they agree to do a stakeout to see if they can catch the culprit red-handed.

From the north, something comes, a black cloud, drifting towards the wind, floating down towards one of the upper slum-apartments. Tham uses a birdcall native to Aerenal to signal to Nim that something strange is going on, then sprints towards where the cloud was going, Nim quickly catching up to him and they go down. They hear a loud noise just before they break down the door, inside they find the black cloud, with a figure inside. Tham casts Dispel Magic, but it is not effective. The Wraith reaches for the Infinite Scrollcase, but Tham blasts it in the face with a Firebolt. As this continues, black smoke starts leaking from the corpse. Nim gets in a couple good hits, and the spirit just floats away through the wall.

Undead, Spirit, Evil or Egotisical being killed, can corporate into a Wraith.


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