Sharn: The Last City

Session 38

Inside the Kharnath Encampment, guided by the Aereni Ambassadors. We’re left outside while the negotiations are ongoing, before finally being let inside. As we walk into the Temple, we see the unconscious form of Marcin Lebar lying there, a group of Jadrir and some Morgrave Lecturers are by the entrance, trying to look at what is happening, shouting for any piece of new information. The temple itself was overgrown long before the Mournland engulfed it, which is logical going by how far back the Age of Monsters was. The air is thick, almost charged with something. Walking towards the body, Carter collapses once it gets close to the body from our viewpoint. Tham binds a rope around his waist, asks Nim to drag him out if he collapses, Tham collapses, but Nim is unable to drag him out, it’s as if he’s stuck in time.

As Nim walks forward and also collapses, they all fall into blackness, a bright light, far far below them. We have recreated ourselves in the Avatars of our species, amalgamations of all the possibilities that they possess.

There’s also a Tetrahedron of black stone, like the altar we saw beneath Yarkuun Draal. On the top side of the Tetrahedron there’s a cancerous crater, pulsing as if alive. In the middle, there’s a stone pyramid, crawling with symbols back lit from something inside.

With his arms trapped inside this pyramid stands Marcin Lebar, with something horrendous stalking around him, what Tham designates as a Nothic, some sort of aberration.

It can kill by eye contact, and learns things about people by looking into the eyes of mortals.

We float down by focusing and thinking about it, and Nim engages the Nothic, beating it to death. We then interrogate Marcin on what is really going on, and who lead them to do this. It turns out that the humanoid they had chained was inhabited at one point by an Agent of the Chamber. As Carter lands a solid hit on the Pyramid, a wind Elemental spews forth from it. At the same time, another Nothic plops out from the crater on the side.

Elementals: N: Water, E: Earth, W: Fire, Middle: Wind

As we move around this space, Carter growing bigger by the minute, Nim zipping around like The Flash and Tham dragging down Arcane might from Siberys, the sides where Carter crushes the center pyramid detach from the core and start floating away. As the second side detaches, a Mindwitness floats out, and starts shooting rays like a disco ball. Tham manages to Banish it, before the last side is detached, and what’s in the core is revealed to be a Daelkyr, seemingly doing something to the planar structure of Eberron. In his hands he holds the Shard of Xoriat. Carter sees this and dives towards him, grabbing the shard from his hands, and using the grabbling hook to fling herself towards the exit. We all leg it, thinking as fast and hard as we can. But at the end, the Daelkyr opens up a doorway, and is about to grab Nim, before Marcin throws himself in front, and gets taken away instead.

The party wakes up in their bodies.

Session 27
Naming equals death

The next day.
Nim takes a walk up to Upper Dura, Hope’s Peak to speak to the Priests of Dol Dorn, Nim was asked to say a few words at the next service, but reorienting the discussion onto the issue with the Wraith/Evil Spirit that is haunting us. The Head Priest notes that while this is not his area of expertise, but that the Head Librarian of Aureon, she might be able to help them.

Nim is describing the Wraith, cloaked in black smoke, glowing eyes. They’re trying to divine the goals and motivation of the Wraith. They are vulnerable to Silver, and that’s about it. Very powerful Wraiths are capable to making Spectres, weaker versions of itself, they can control up to 7.

Carter has been moving around people, and started to bring down the rickity buildings, and started to build proper lodgings. Approximately 4 days to finish the current planned buildings.

Everbright in Menthis, going through a lot of publishers

Day 3 – The First of Larvion
Jadrir shows up at the front door, Joseth ir’Kalein wants to talk to us at the Ir’Kalein Gala. Gave Jadrir a draft of the Complete book on the Planes

At the end of Day 3, the silver swords have been crafted, the magic circle has been prepared, and we are ready. Then as the night goes on, we hear a lound thunk from inside the tower, Nim rushing in to see the wraith hovering over the Blacksmith, blood dripping from his head. And at this moment, 5 Spectres come out of the buildings outside, floating towards Tham.

Session 26
Men at Work

Searched through the whole apartment in Upper Menthis, but not finding anything more than the notes and the map.

Invited to the ir’Tain gala in two weeks, Margot Decker pulled some favours to get us invited. And she’ll be there as well. Tham started looking into the Library on the Shard of Xoriat

Some workers who had gotten fired from the Cannith factory, an architech, 2 carpenters and a magewright, and Carter hired them,

Xoriat is not quite like other planes, manifest zones are not natural, but created. Xoriat stones are capable of creating aberrations and twisting humanoids. Theory that madness manifested from Xoriat, if you have enough mad people close to each other, they could create a Manifest Zone to Xoriat. After reading this Tham is feeling like his brain is not quite fitting inside his skull, so he goes to meditate for 4 hours.

Thams longterm plans:
Finish book on the planes, get it published and an advance
Deliver report to the Aereni Embassy
Buy Valenar clothes at Shae Lias

Carter longterm plans:
Start reinforcing and rebuilding buildings close to Thelanis Tower

Nim longterm plans:
Eat magical brownies

Another murder in the night, Nim hearing a loud noise, then finding a body, the blood still flowing, yet the corpse being cold. He warns the guards about this, and they start investigating. Nim talks to Tham about this over breakfast the next day, and they agree to do a stakeout to see if they can catch the culprit red-handed.

From the north, something comes, a black cloud, drifting towards the wind, floating down towards one of the upper slum-apartments. Tham uses a birdcall native to Aerenal to signal to Nim that something strange is going on, then sprints towards where the cloud was going, Nim quickly catching up to him and they go down. They hear a loud noise just before they break down the door, inside they find the black cloud, with a figure inside. Tham casts Dispel Magic, but it is not effective. The Wraith reaches for the Infinite Scrollcase, but Tham blasts it in the face with a Firebolt. As this continues, black smoke starts leaking from the corpse. Nim gets in a couple good hits, and the spirit just floats away through the wall.

Undead, Spirit, Evil or Egotisical being killed, can corporate into a Wraith.

Yarkuun Draal, the mysterious ruin. Article by Alain Falko

Yarkuun Draal

It is interesting that so close to the great metropolis of Sharn, lies a Dhakaani ruin that we know so little about. It could be that its mundane location has caused it to be viewed as unimportant by other archeologists, adventurers, and historians who prefered travelling to more exotic locations. But after venturing to these nearby ruins i believe they hold secrets that have yet to be uncovered.

Alain Falkos Expedition viewing the Central Structure of Yarkuun Draal

It is certainly true that there is little of interest to be found on the surface of the ruins. Thet have been picked clean by looters over many generations, and dense jungle now covers their surface. The ruins themselves are also extremely durable, no doubt a result of the Dhakaani building techniques used in their construction. All these factors makes it hard to find anything of historical value there. But my research into the Dhakaani language, and interpreting their peculiar maps has led my to think that there are great treasures lying in wait below the surface.

Map of Yarkuun Draal by Alain Falko

This ancient map shows what could very well be a network of tunnels below the city. I do not know what purpose these tunnels might, it could perhaps be nothing more than a sewer system, but even so it could provide access to the interior of the ruins. I have also identified what is one of the entrances to the tunnels, below the Northern Watchtower, bearing the ritualised depiction of the face of the Goblin Warlord Krootad.

Great Warlord Krootad, statue from Darguun

Unfortunately, a swarm of giant spiders had also made their nest in the tower, and my local guides were quite unwilling to try to clear them out, even at the promise of triple pay. I plan to bring seasoned adventurers on next years expedition, provided my grant from Morgrave continues.

Decoded Journal

Ineus Otherro’s Journal

Dravago 19

It is now three weeks since the package sent from Dreadhold was stolen. While we did not know which part of the cargo sent on the Herald was to contain the Olkhagun Khagan, it is clear that the three traitors did. How they uncovered this is greatly disturbing, but it points to a traitor somewhere in the leadership of the Emerald Claw, or among our Benefactors. I must be careful from now on.

Luckily, our guest was able to supply one of the missing Shards. How and where he uncovered this we do not know, and he was unwilling to share this information, but he did say it would make the weapon work by itself, and that the rest were not necessary.

We now have all the pieces we need to travel to Yarkuun Draal and complete our mission, but given recent events i do feel uncertain. We have been betrayed, and i must make sure i know who to trust, and try to contain the situation here in Sharn.

Dravago 23

Our cell has been uncovered, and it is only a matter of time before the authorities find us. I have sent our best people to Yarkuun Draal to accomplish our mission. I only hope it was the right decision.

Decoded Emerald Claw orders

Eyre 26, 1018 – Captain Ineus Otherro to Lieutenant Degarn

We have identified a new group of 3 volunteers, we will require more people for our upcoming operations. You are to travel to Port Hope and pick them up on the first Mol of Dravago. I suggest making Sergeant LeBar responsible for their training.

Dravago 3, 1018 – Captain Ineus Otherro to Sergeant LeBar

It’s high time we looked after the people of Ship’s Towers, take the recruits with you. They all seem to have talent, and it would be good to test them

Dravago 6, 1018 – Captain Ineus Otherro to Lieutenant Degarn

The Herald is due to arrive tonight. Make sure everyone gets some rest, and then put everyone on alert as long as the ship is docked. We do not want any interference while the cargo is put ashore. Make sure all items are immediately brough to our warehouse.

Remind the men not to bother the crew or their captain, while we share a cause, they do not belong to the Emerald Claw. We do not want a repeat of last time.

Dravago 7, 1018 – Captain Ineus Otherro to Lieutenant Degarn

Immediately abandon any holdings seen by the turncoats. We will establish a new base in the ruins we discovered in the Depths. Cease all operations until we can discover the identity of the traitors, and who they were working for.

Dravago 17, 1018 – Report from Sergent LeBar to Captain Otherro

While we were unable to discover who the turncoats were working for, we have discovered their location. They have taken possession of Thelanis Tower in Hareth’s Folly. The Tower seems well fortified, and they are working together with the local gangs. Given our limited numbers I would not recommend a frontal assault, instead i suggest luring the turncoats away, perhaps through business dealings.

Dravago 18, 1018 – Captain Otherro to Lieutenant Degarn.

LeBar has located the turncoats. You are to draw them out through a false business deal, and ambush them. Interrogate them to identify their employers. Make sure it looks like a robbery. We do not want our inolvement known to whoever they are working for

Dravago 23, 1018 – Captain Otherro to Lieutenant LeBar

With Degarn dead and our presence known to the authorities i think it is only a matter of time before we are uncovered. But we cannot let the unfortunate events of the last weeks compromise our mission. The authorities are watching the docks, but you should be able to sneak out through the slums and travel to Yarkuun Draal through the Mournland. We will hold the line here.

Session 25
We are the Law!

Starting in the dining room of Thelanis Tower, continuing on from last time with Tham going through what he had discovered, with the Emerald Claw collecting the pieces of the Olkaghun Khagan, a Dhakaani artifact of some sorts, it’s name meaning “Sign of the King”. It seems to be possible to use it as a weapon, which is the purpose the Emerald Claw is looking to use it for.

Nim went to talk to his criminal contacts, Hamial and the rest of the local mob in The Hollow Tower. He’s against their obvious disregard for the wellbeing of the community, and their willingness to do anything to keep up the appearance of power.

Tham goes to check out the Aereni Embassy Library for any mentions of it in old books from the time of the Tairnadal occupation of present day Valenar, but other than the fact that the Dhakaani Empire was plagued with infighting, and seldom had a stable ruler, but when they did that person would gain the title of Olkaghun. He also found out that for more information he would need access to the Morgrave University Library.

Carter is meanwhile going through the Labratory at the bottom of the tower, finding a hatch leading to a balcony on the underside of it, with a view of Harreth’s Folly. After that they found the strange being actually talking, and Carter took it downstairs to the Wall of the Planes, leaving it there.

After finally gathering again at the tower, the party heads to the House of Civics to talk to Judge Margot “Swift Justice” Decker about gaining legal access to the Upper-Menthis apartment listed in the notes of Otherro. After getting a warrant and walking the short trip to Upper Menthis, they are stopped at the door by a Deneith Guard, but are let through after showing the warrant. When they find the apartment itself, Nim uses 10~ish minutes to get us inside, where we find adventuring supplies and gear spread out over the bedroom, obviously a rush-job to gear up and get out.

Carter started filming, and Tham starting poking around while Nim was keeping watch, after a bit of rumaging, they found a hollow bottom in a cabinet, inside a thick leather folder, with a complex knot topped with an Eberron Shard. Carter deduced that the Shard contained firey energy, which would be released and incinerate the contents of the folder if the knot was opened improperly. Tham went for the bruteforce option and just used Dispel Magic on the shard, emptying it of magical energy. The fuse still triggered, but with no fuel it just fizzled out.

Inside the folder there were the following items:
Notes from Alain Falko, Professor of Dhakaani Studies at Morgrave University on the Yarkuun Draal Dhakaani ruins close to Sharn, and their defining feature: that they contain a Temple, strange for an Empire known to be disdainful of non-martial religion.
Notes from Otherro, their mission is to travel through the Mournland to Yarkuun Draal, locate the secret entrance below the Northern Guardtower with the face of a Goblin, through there and into the Heart of the Temple, and once there, deploy the Shard of Xoriat.
Map of Yarkuun Draal.

Session 24
"Are we the bad guys?"

As we start out, Nim is on his way to new Zilargo to pick up his bracers, Tham is working on his dissertation and Carter is working on a water pump/filtration system for the poisoned well.

Session 01

Shadow of the Lion – Bar

Jadrir – Secretary Q’Barran Ambassador, Adderport
Yosef ir’Kalein
Covert Mission –
Permanent Refugee Status
Uncovering Information –
Khorvaire –
5 Gold, 8 Silver

Terminus Station Tomorrow Noon
Karrnath Organization – Getting a shipment of utmost importance to Mournland investigations, arriving by ship roughly a week from now. Smuggling Organization, take it to the warehouse. Emerald Claw

Order of the Emerald Claw – 3 new recruits

Cargo – Chest, Painted Dark Red like Wine. Silver Handles and a field on one side of the chest where paint is missing

Contacted after a play job by Jadrir, Secretary to the Q’Barran ambassador, wanting to know if I was interesting in doing a job, while I was smoking and drinking some beer, it was about a Covert Mission about Uncovering Information about the Mournland, with the reward being Permanent Refugee Status. Telian accepted.

On the way to Dava Gate, Barristers and

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