998 Y.K
- The Mournland starts to expand slowly, only a few meters a day. This causes a short panic, followed by worry for what this could mean for the rest of Khorvaire.
- Thronehold is covered by the Mournland in the last few weeks of the year.

999 Y.K
- Almost all of Thrane is engulfed by the Mournland over a few short days. Only a few thousand refugees escape.
- Arryth Quell and his band of miscreants is defeated by a coalition of Red Cloaks, Aereni Deathguard and Adventurers. Quell himself is killed, while his compatrios flee into the Mournland.
- The church of the Silver Flame collapses, as no news from Flamekeep are heard.
- Panic grips the people of the nearby kingdoms. People begin to flee from the expanding Mournland, fearing that their nation will be next.
- Aundair invades the Eldeen Reaches

1000 Y.K
- A massive undertaking to understand and stop the Mournland begins at the university of Korranberg in Zilargo. Funded by Zilargo, Breland and Aundair, and backed by all 12 dragonmarked houses this is an undertaking on an unprecedented scale.
- As the Mournland expands easwards, The wealthy elite of Karrnath escape with the help of a massive fleet of Lhazaar raiders. The people are left to fend for themselves, most fleeing east.
- The Valenar elves leave Khorvaire and rejoin their Tairnadal kin on Aerenal.

1001 Y.K
- The Mournland rapidly spreads into Darguun. Breland and Zilargo close their borders, but after the goblin warlords threaten to assault the Brelish border, they are allowed to pass, provided they disarm.
- Aundair is gradually engulfed by the Mournland. It has had time to prepare and its citizens move west into the recently conquered Eldeen reaches, or south to Breland.
- Breland begins to feel the strain of hordes of refugees from Thrane, Darguun and Aundair, all of whom are moving west.
- King Boranel begins preparations for a new colony in Xen’drik. Supported by the great wealth and industry of his nation, shipbuilding and preparations for colonization begin in cities all over the kingdom.

1002 Y.K
- The Korranberg Project continues, the city is now dominated by the undertaking going on at the university. Citizens report of strange magical disruptions.
- The Dragonmarked houses pour all their resources into the Project.
- The Mournland slowly spreads both east and west. The Halflings of the Talenta plains leave their ancestral homelands and cross the endworld mountains into Q’barra and Lhazaar.

1003 Y.K
- War breaks out in Lhazaar between the princes supporting an alliance led by King Kaius III, and those who oppose him, led by High Prince Ryger ir’Wynarn.
- Production of warforged is officialy resumed in Sharn, to provide a workforce for the colonization of Xen’drik. Large numbers of warforged are quickly delivered.

1004 Y.K
- The City of New Wroat is established in Xen’drik, thousands of refugees arrive every month. Jungle is cleared for farmland. Even though numerous mages and clerics are taking part, starvation and disease is common.

1005 Y.K
- The Mournland reaches the Mror Holds in the East, it does not spread beyond the mountains. Only a small number of Karrnathi refugees are allowed through the passes. Those who do not perish settle on the shores around Lake Dark, where the Mournland leaves a strip of land.
- The Mournland begins to spread through the Eldeen reaches. The Aundairan expedition makes plans to go westwards towards the Demon Wastes and the Shadow Marches.
- As the Mournland grows closer to Korranberg, rumors have it that the project is nearing completion. But in a flash, the whole city disappears, leaving only an enormous empty crater that is rapidly filled by the sea.
- The Mournland quickly spreads through Zilargo. The Zil gnomes, and the people of Breland fleet west. Many cannot flee fast enough.

1006 Y.K
- Sharn becomes the new hub of investigation into the Mournland, but all the various factions mistrust eachother, there is little cooperation. House Medani leads the most public investigation. There is also great unwillingness to go to any lengths while investigating, fear of replicating the disaster at Korranberg prevents similar reckless experiments.
- Wroat is abandoned. The King moves to New Wroat in Xen’drik.
- Most of the population of Breland, and the survivors of Thrane, Darguun and Zilargo set up giant refugee camps outside Sharn, hoping for rescue to Xen’drik
- With the Help of Forces from Q’barra and the Mror Holds, Kaius III is able to defeat High Prince Ryger ir’Wynarn. Claming the Lhzaar Principalities for himself. Together with the Mror Holds and Q’barra, the three nations form an alliance.

1007 Y.K
- The Mournland reaches Sharn. An evactuation is planned, but to everyones surprise, the Mournland stops its advance a few miles from the city.
- Huge refugee camps are set up outside the city, conditions are poor, and food is scarce.
- Population of Sharn and surrounding areas is over 3 million

1008 Y.K
- Some of the Aundiran expedition in the Eldeen turn south towards Sharn. The rest expand ever westwards to avoid the Mournland.

1009 Y.K
- New Wroat finally produces a surplus of food. Shipments are sent to Sharn to relieve the famine in the refugee camps outside the city.
- The population of Xen’drik passes 1 million.

1010 Y.K
- With food from New Wroat and Q’barra the situation in Sharn comes under control, and the refugees are herded into camps outside the city limits. Refugees are not allowed to enter the city unless they can pay for their entry, or they have work permits. Vast factory districts spring up, producing goods that are sold to New Wroat in return for food and raw materials. Refugees are exploited as cheap sources of labor.

1011 Y.K
- The Mournland is now only spreading slowly into the Shadow Marches and Q’barra, most of Khorvaire has been destroyed.

1012 Y.K
- The Dwarves of the Mror Holds finish construction of the Mroranon Wall, designed prevent the Mournland from spreading through the gap between the Ironroot mountains and the sea.
- The creatures of Drooam invade the Shadow Marches after the Mournland begins to expand across their borders. They come into contact with the Aundairan expedition, and drive them north.

1013 Y.K
- After a terrible winter and attacks from natives, most of the Aundairan expedition into the Demon Wastes perishes. Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn is among the casualties. Various relatives in Sharn and elsewhere put forward claims of inheritance. The remains of the Aundairian expedition are either making their way through the Shadow Marches, or refugees in Sharn.

1014 Y.K
- The population of the Brelish colony in Xen’drik passes 2 million. The population of Sharn is 2 million.

1015 Y.K
- Q’barra signs a treaty with Sarlona, some of its people sail across the sea to safety.
- For 2 weeks, The Hilt of the Dagger River is covered by the Mournland. Panic Grips Sharn. The Hilt is blocked 2 more times later that year. Food shipments are distrupted, and a refugee revolt is put down.

1016 Y.K
- After midsummer, the Mournland stops expanding.
- King Boranel of Breland dies, King Bortan is crowned.

1017 Y.K
- The Mournland does not expand all year. Rumors from the Demon Wastes say that the Mournland fog is retreating there. People begin to hope that the crisis is over.

1018 Y.K
- In one day the Mournland pass through the Goradra Gap in the Mror holds, and advances more than 30 miles into northern Q’barra. Fear grips the people of Khorvaire yet again.
- Present Day.


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