The Depths

The Depths is the generic name for everything that lies beneath the city’s main plateau, excepting Cliffside and the Cogs far below. The upper levels give way to active and inactive sewers, some of which have their own inhabitants, as well as the mostly forgotten ruins of earlier settlements built long before the towers started to rise. Far below and accessed by well-maintained tunnels and shafts, the Cogs sit at the very base of Sharn and serve as an actively populated center of industry. In fact, the roots of modern Sharn’s towers lie underground in some places, buried by the passing centuries.


The upper wards of Sharn use an ingenously devised network of chutes to funnel garbage down into the sewers. Garbage and filth is channeled into cavernous midden chambers, where it is left to rot or be devoured by the vermin and oozes that inhabit the sewers. Smaller tunnels channel wastewater to purification centers, where magewrights emply stones of purify to cleanse the water. A special unit of the Sharn Watch protects the purification chambers. Beyond these small, vital areas, the sewers are completely lawless. The tunnels and midden chambers are unlit, and vermin and oozes are common throughout the region.

While the sewers were never intended to support a population, over the centuries a subculture has evolved in this region that lies directly below the Lower-City. There are treasures to be found in the midden heaps- or if not treasure, at least objects that can be resold for a few coppers. A few tribes of people, mostly goblins, along with a few shifters, dwarves, and feral halflings and gnomes, live in the sewers, rummaging through the midden heaps and selling their goods in impromptu “rat’s markets” in the Lower-City. These sewer clans are constantly battling over territory, as control of midden chambers is critical to the survival of a clan. The sewer clans can pose a threat to adventurers who travel to the Depths, but they can also be valuable allies; there are no better guides to the sewers and the Depths than one of the cellar dwellers.


UnderSharn represents the remains of the great cities of old buried in the forgotten Depths between the Lower-city and the Cogs far below. When Galifar I ordered Sharn to be rebuilt, all passages to the Depths were bound with iron and magic, and traffic between the surface and the ruins was forbidden. Still, there are many things that could draw adventurers down to the Depths.

The Depths

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