Tavick's Landing

Tavick’s Landing, at the eastern edge of the city, is in some ways defined by being the district closest to the refugee camps. Refugees who work in the city enter Sharn through the old Orien lighting rail line, or are hauled up over the walls by great lifts. The lower levels of the quarter cater to merchants and workers from the factories in the Cogs. Large parts of the ward has also been converted to provide housing for the lucky refugees who are allowed to live inside the walls. The middle and upper levels are broader in their purposes, including a variety of trades, services, and residental districts.

Years ago, Tavick’s Landing was the gateway to Sharn. The Orien lightning rail station at Terminus brought in hundreds of travelers each day, and many more arrived through via the Old Road at Wroann’s Gate. After the Mournland reached Sharn, and the vast refugee camps grew up, Tavick’s Landing became the entrypoint for desperate refugees seeking employment or residence in the city, and its character changed to match. Wroann’s Gate was closed, and the lightning rail converted to transport workers and refugees from the camps into the city. The loss of business from travelers and tourists has hurt the quarter, and its middle and lower wards have become poorer in the last twenty years.

Tavick’s Landing is the most eclectic quarter of Sharn, blending residental areas with commercial and entertainment districts that cater to the traders and workers who travel through this part of the city. During the Last War, foreigners were carefully monitored as they entered the city, a practice that was expanded as the refugees came. Large parts of its lower ward was converted into refugee housing before the numbers became to great and the gates were closed. Commander Iyanna ir’Talan has been purging corrupt officers from the Tavick’s garrison of the Sharn Watch in recent years. As a result, members of Tavick’s allotment of the City Watch are the most reliable in the City, and the least likely to accept bribes or practice extortion.

Upper Tavick’s Landing

Upper Tavick’s Landing is a self-contained kingdom for the wealthy. Everything an aristocrat might need can be found in this ward: a luxurious mercantile district, fine housing, skilled services, and even a district where servants and hirelings can live. The lords and merchant princes who hold power in the Upper Tavick’s Landing have worked to isolate their home from the chaos that often engulfs the rest of the city, and is in many ways a small city within Sharn. During the Last War there was general concern that the ward was in danger due to the number of foreigners that moved through the lower wards. As a result, the leaders of Upper Tavick’s Landing petitioned the city council and established a number of laws unique to the ward. These laws were later expanded to protect the upper wards of Central Plateau and Northedge.

Middle Tavick’s Landing

Middle Tavick’s Landing has something for everyone. It is a crossroads for workers, traders, and explorers, and includes a host of inns, taverns, shops, and reasonably priced residences. With a few notable exceptions- namely, the Graywall district, the people of Middle Tavick’s Landing are generally friendly and welcoming toward outsiders, quite unlike their counterparts in the upper ward.

Lower Tavick’s Landing

Previously, Lower Tavick’s Landing was the entrypoint for anyone coming to Sharn by land. The Orien Lighting rail came through Terminus, while the Old Road ended at Wroann’s Gate. Now almost none brave the journey across the Mournland, and the traders, inns and markets who catered to travelers have closed. Instead the district caters to the thousands of refugees who every day enter Sharn to work in the forges and factories. Poor and miserable, they still sometimes have a few coins or something to trade. And there are always peddlers ready to make a few copper pieces off workers travelling to and from work. Large parts of the district has also been converted into refugee slums. Refugees who arrived to Sharn early were placed here, before the districts were overfilled and the city closed its gates. Parts of the ward are heavily patrolled by the Guardians of the Gate and the Sharn Watch, keeping an eye on refugees, and looking for anyone sneaking into the city. Guards rarely enter the refugee slums, and visitors who venture into these districts would be wise to keep weapons to hand.


  • Upper: Copper Arch, Dalan’s Refuge, Ocean View, Pinnacle, Silvergate, Sunrise, Twelve Pillars
  • Middle: Cornerstone, Dancing Shadows, Deathsgate, Graywall, Kenton, Little Barrington, Tavick’s Market
  • Lower: Black Arch, Cogsgate, Dragoneyes, Foundation, High Walls, Terminus, Wroann’s Gate

Tavick's Landing

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