Skyway is magically suspended above the city on gigantic disks of force, like Tenser’s floating disks taken to a fantastic extreme. These disks are among the many magic items and effects in the city that work only because of the presence of the manifest zone linked to Syrania. Not a cloud palace but an actual extension of the city, Skyway includes some of Sharn’s finest inns and resturants, exotic and upscale trades, and a number of mansions belonging to the very richest citizens.

Skyway demonstrates the most dramatic manifestation of the magic made possible by Sharn’s manifest zone linked to Syrania. Its towers are built on clouds given substance, hovering above the tops of the buildings below. The residents of Skyway are the impossibly wealthy and privileged, the aristocrats who might hope never to dirty their feet by setting them on the city below. Skycoaches can easily carry passengers to and from Skyway, as can soarsleds and more traditional magical travel. Many residents of Skyway prefer to ride mounts around their ward and, when necessary, down to the city below- griffons, hippogriffs, giant eagles, giant owls, and at least one pegasus.


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