Central Plateau

A long wall rings the Central Plateau at its lowest level, interrupted by towers along its entire length. Inside the wall, structures rise higher and higher toward the tallest towers near the middle, creating a great artificial mountain at the heart of the city. Mostly populated by the upper and middle classes, the Central Plateau houses the city’s seat of government, its wealthiest citizens, and its finiest businesses. Embassies from other nations, important representatives of the dragonmarked houses, and banks are found here as well.

Upper Central Plateau

The Upper Central Ward is the most exclusive and expensive area of Sharn’s towers, surpassed in the city only by Skyway. It is home to some of the most powerful individuals in Khorvaire, though it is far from the kingdom’s seat of government. More wealth flows through this single district than many cities ever see. With this great power comes enormous corruption, however, and more evil is done ( or at least ordered) in Upper Central than a casual look would suggest.

Middle Central Plateau

The home of Sharn’s dragonmarked families and an abundance of foreign ambassadors, the Middle Central ward rivals its upper neighbor as a seat of power in the city. In fact, that rivalry is quite literal, as Councilor Senson is a bitter personal rival of Councilor Tomollan of Upper Central. Middle Central lacks the wealth of the upper ward, but makes up for it in political connections across Khorvaire.

Lower Central Plateau

The Lower Central ward seems to exist in blissful ignorance of the power struggles raging above it. A hotbed of cutting-edge artistic expression and unusual ideologies, Lower Central serves as a countercultural contrast to Sharn’s busy downtown.


  • Upper: Highest Towers, Korranath, Korran-Thiven, Mithral Tower, Platinum Heights, Skysedge Park
  • Middle: Ambassador Towers, Dava Gate, Dragon Towers, Sovereign Towers, Sword Point, Tradefair
  • Lower: Boldrei’s Hearth, Granite Halls, Myshan Gardens, North Towers, Olladra’s Kitchen, Valia Towers

Central Plateau

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