Lord Joseth ir'Calain

Ambassador of Q'barra


Joseth ir’Calain is an older gentleman. He speaks and behaves with the poise fitting of old Galifaran nobility.

While clearly of considerable wealth, Joseth is not a man to flaunt his riches. He lives in a modest townhouse in the district of Dava Gate, tended to only by a few servants.

Joseth is a clever negotiator and shrewd judge of human nature, but he is an honorable man
who believes in the ideals of the old kingdom of Galifar.


Joseth ir’Calain is a Q’barran noble, who has served as the nations ambassador to Sharn for the last 15 years. His older brother is chief advisor to king Sebastes ir’Kesslan, so he has close ties to Q’barra, and knows much of what goes on in the far-away nation. Joseth has served Q’barra faithfully for many years, always going to great lengths to aid any Q’barran citizens who require aid. Joseth has always been a scholarly man, and has spent much of his time in Sharn studying at Morgrave University. Recently he has taken a great interest in the Mournland.

Lord Joseth ir'Calain

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